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Here are some FAQ's

  • Do you accept GDS and EDS vouchers?
    Yes, we accept both vouchers.
  • Do you specialise in children as well?
    Yes! We have a seperate clinic that is dedicated to seeing and treating children from the ages of 2 - 16 years old. The rooms are designed with them in mind! We also have specialised equipment and materials that make treating them absolutely a breeze like our 2 second curing light!! This makes treatments quicker and less invasive for the little ones.
  • Do you accept payment plans?
    Yes we have a few options available. 1. Afterpay service - Paid fortnightly. 2. Centrepay service - This takes a portion of your centrelink payments every fortnight. A form is filled out at our clinic and we can apply for this on your behalf.
  • Do you see children with special needs?
    Yes, we have a clinic set up with special needs patients in mind. This is from the colour and vibe of the room to sensory toys and blankets. We also visit many special schools in metropolitan adelaide such as Errington Special Education and Adelaide West Education Centre.
  • 1. Caring, Skilled Dental Experts."
    What is better than one skilled practitioner? An entire team of them! Our team loves all things dental and this means they have experience to treat your teeth with absolute care. Our team is focused on preventative dentistry not treatment, we are ethical in our approach and will only treat when absolutely necessary.
  • 2. Affordable prices and flexible payment plans.
    No insurance? No worries! We offer Payment Plans and an In-House Discount Plan that help make paying for your treatment less stressful and more affordable by providing competitive treatment costs.
  • 3. Best in Tech and Comfort.
    We have some of the best technology in digital x-rays, cameras, and 3D scanners to allow for safe and thorough diagnostics. Headphones with Netflix or your choice of music are available in all of our rooms to help you forget you're even at a dental office! You'll also have access to free tooth brushes and tooth paste when you visit.
  • 4. Competitive prices for Dentures, Veneers, Implants."
    Due to improved technology and a partnership with one of the best labs in Adelaide we can provide Dentures, Veneers and Implants for a massively reduces rate which was not possible years ago. Book in a consultation and you will not be dissapointed with the price and quality.
  • 5. Two seperate tailored clinics for Children and for Adults.
    We use proven ways to work with children and set up an experience that is focused on reducing fear and anxiety when visiting the dentist. Improving their confidence with each visit. Our aim by setting up this second brand was to focus on providing a completely unique experience for both adults and children alike. Every smile is unique and we have learned how to cater for this.
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